St Philomena's Sixth Form - Life of a Sixth Former

Dear Prospective Year 12 Students and Parents, 

Welcome to St Philomena’s Sixth Form. I am the current Head Girl of St Philomena’s. I am now in Year 13 studying A Levels in Geography, History and English Language.  I am hoping next September 2020, I will be entering the next chapter of my life starting a Law Degree specialising in Commercial Law.  

As you are about to embark on a difficult decision with regards to your Post-16 study, I would like to share with you my  reasons as to why I chose to study at St Philomena’s and why I am very passionate about the school I have attended for the past seven years. 

Firstly how welcoming the environment is. There is no doubt in my mind that you will feel just as welcomed as I did when I first started Sixth Form. A Level study is very different from GCSE study. You will be focusing on three subjects you enjoy and you will be expected to develop increasing levels of  independence in your learning. 

There are endless opportunities at St Philomena’s Sixth Form.  You can join the Student Leadership team in which there are plenty of roles you can apply for. You can also join a society such as the Law Society or Medical Society and if you wish, become Head of that society. In addition to this, you can volunteer to become a Mentor to younger students struggling in the subject you are studying a greater depth which is a very fulfilling role. 

From the main school to Sixth Form there is an increased workload and sense of responsibility as you develop new skills. Ultimately you are responsible for your own learning and the facilities at St Philomena’s will aid this. The McAuley suite is where the Sixth Form is based in which there are computers, chromebooks as well as a range of academic books to use to help aid wider reading around your subject. Although you are treated as a young adult and become increasingly independent, you will be guided and supported during your journey in a thriving environment. 

Over the seven years that I have studied here, St Philomena’s has been a place where I have grown in my faith and flourished personally and academically. As I continue to grow and develop, I recall the very many happy memories I have made and feel proud of being a part of a community that enabled me to flourish into a strong woman of faith. 

If you have studied at St Philomena’s for a number of years or a student coming from a different school, I have no doubt that you will be welcomed into our whole school community.  I can assure you that your potentials and abilities will be stretched and maximised so to encourage you to exceed your goals and ambitions and have a fulfilling Pathway Post 18.

I wish you every success in your approaching GCSE’s and choosing your Post 16 options and destination. 

Yours Faithfully

Jessica Dawkins

Head Girl 2019-2020